Kit Kat





The Challenge

Nestlé asked us to create a display for their new product: Kit-Kat Ruby, a chocolate bar made from the newly discovered Ruby cocoa beans, that had just hit the market. Kit-kat is a very well-known brand, so the question is: how can we create something that is on-brand, but also fresh and original, to display a major product innovation?

Focus on the Product

One of the goals in shopper marketing is to draw the attention of the consumer to the product. With that in mind, we created an eye-catching design focused on the new Ruby coloring. The Kit-Kat Ruby would take center-stage at eye-level, followed by the brand product range in the remaining shelves.

To add to the user experience, we incorporated two technological solutions: a floor projection of the Kit-Kat bar breaking activated by movement, and a transparent display: a clear surface that interacts with the real product

Pink Perfection: our first proposal for Kit-Kat Ruby display (2018).

Back to the drawing board

Did we love the display we created? Yes! Did the client? Also yes. However, sometimes exterior factors can detour a project. That was the case when the brand’s strategy redirected towards promoting the whole range of the brand.

Bye-bye pink display, hello new challenge!

This time our team focused on showing off the main characteristics of the product. Aiming for a visual impact, we created a giant broken Kit-Kat bar vertically across the display, a play on the product claim “Have a Break, have a Kit-Kat”. See what we did there?

Jokes aside, we could recognize that having a connection with the very well known claim of the brand was a key factor to drawing the eye and letting the consumer in on the joke. This time, we left out the screens and projections - simple is sometimes better.

The big break: Our second proposal for the Kit-Kat display (2018).
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Coming to life

This is where things get deliciously geeky. The most important part of this display is the breaking Kit-Kat “finger”, so we needed to make it as realistic as possible. We want consumers to turn the corner and believe there’s a giant, mouth-watering Kit-Kat there.

This bar was made out of foam, to allow for the sculpting of the bar and its breaking point, where the consumer has to be able to clearly see the chocolate and wafer layers. After the sculpting, the bar was painted and attached to the display. As for the structure, it’s completely made out of metal, painted in the brand colors and decorated with printed vinyl on PVC boards.  

To make sure all the products are visible and highlighted, LED lights were added to all the shelves.  

Final Results: The real-life Kit-Kat display at the shop (2018).

Sweet Results

This was a turn key project, delivered from briefing to implementation by our team. Working directly with the brand, we were able to be aligned on the goals to achieve. The result was a success: sales of the Kit-Kat chocolate bar increased in all the stores where the new display was implemented.

More importantly, the display was a success with chocolate fans, with a lot of the store consumers “taking a break” from their shopping trip to photograph themselves eating the giant chocolate bar and sharing it on social media - uplifting the product and the brand’s interaction online.

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