we are believers

We believe that great experiences know no bounds, borders or barriers. We take on challenges with a positive and problem-solving attitude. By applying technology and innovation, we create new, sensorial and unique brand experiences.

How do we
for your business?

How do we
for your business?


We established our company on a system of innovation and sustainability. We'll help you create a future that combines both creative disruption and sustainability - making efficiency the highlight in all sides of the business.


You will meet a team of designers, architects, engineers, production managers and innovation experts that will lead you through the retail innovation journey. But that's not only it. We are also a skilled team of electricians, carpenters and techies who'll take the vision and implement the perfect brand experience.


At PLM we are very keen at searching for the best materials and technology.
We make an accurate selection of the best equipment, through selection, parametrization and integration, to deployment of retail technologies.

brand culture

It's hard to believe, but PLM was born in 1977 as a woodwork family company. It wasn't long before it had expanded to several business units and countries.
We believed we could do it - and so we did. Through the years, as we compounded experience and added to the team, PLM developed its business to include several complementary areas, so we can offer an integrated service. This was possible by sticking to the core values we share as a team

innovation is the core
sustainable Ideas
acting as one

We are a global and pioneering company building the future of retail

We are located in six countries on three different continents, investing daily in strengthening our ability to create, develop and implement anywhere in the world.



Head Experience Office

Urbanização Chave, Lote K21-B,
3810-081 Aveiro

Branch Experience Studio

Rua Rui Teles Palhinha, Nº10, 2ºE,
2740-278 Porto Salvo

Logistics Experience Lab

Zona Industrial da Mota Rua Nº8, Lote
i-26, 3830-527 Gafanha da Encarnação

United Arab Emirates

R&D Experience Studio

Sharjah Research Technology & Innovation Park
Sharjah, UAE

Logistics Experience Lab

Al Khawaneej
Dubai, UAE


Shenzhen Branch Experience Studio

601 Block 1, Baiwang Building,
Shahe West Road, Nanshan, Shenzen


We are a results driven team

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