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This is the capital for education, for scientific research, technology, innovation and retail. The place where innovation is planned and where the future takes its first steps.

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The Future of Retail: 1st Conference

The Future of Retail: Our Purpose

R&D Experience Studio: Launch Event

The Quintuple Helix of Innovation at the R&D Experience Studio

Involve the Government and the Political System in generating development opportunities.

Gather Industry, Companies and the Economic System together around the table to define the future.

Bring Schools and Universities to the center of the debate, for the involvement of future professionals.

Always adopt sustainable forms of development, which promote the well-being of everyone and the planet.

Develop according to society's insights, from a non-financial perspective, but rather contributing to people's quality of life.




April 15, 2021
Opening of the Conferences
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Inauguration - The Future of Retail Conference: Let's Get Phygital

May 16, 2021
The Future of Retail Conference: Let's Get Phygital
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Future of Retail Challenge

July 8, 2021
The Future of Retail
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Pedro Rodrigues
CEO, PLM Middle East

Pedro Rodrigues
CEO, PLM Middle East

Pedro Rodrigues
CEO, PLM Middle East

Pedro Rodrigues
CEO, PLM Middle East

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26th May 2021

the future of retail

Let's get Phygital
The second conference of the R&D Experience Studio will be held in Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park on May 26th 2021.

Join us to meet the world’s retail leaders and be part of the path to The Future of Retail.
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